World travel log part 7 – Medellin continued.

I know the title of the post does not seem to make sense especially if you read my first Medellin post full of love to this city. But hear me out.

Beautiful Lima

As I write this I am sitting on the terrace of a penthouse apartment in Lima, which I am renting with other like minded gentlemen for a reasonable price. And while Lima is a great city, with perfect weather every day, smell of the ocean and great food, I just can’t enjoy it the way it deserves to be enjoyed.

Medellin ruined me…

You get used to seeing high quality girls every day, you HB meter gets re-calibrated and what would normally be a 7 seems to look more like a 5.5. Your senses get dulled, you get spoiled.

If you ever plan your South America trip don’t start from the best countries and best cities. It mind sound counter intuitive, but you will enjoy it that much more if you slowly build up and as you progress the girls become hotter and hotter and there is never a moment when you will feel down.

Here is the order in which South America should be explored:

  1. Chile
  2. Ecuador
  3. Peru
  4. Argentina
  5. Brazil
  6. Colombia

This is solely based on looks of local women. If you proceed this way girls will keep getting hotter and hotter and it will culminate in Colombia where girls are hot and also relatively easy.

I know it does not seem to make sense if you look at it from the point of view of travel, but flight ticket prices in South America don’t make sense anyway and at times flying to a more distant country cost less than going to a neighbouring country.

Same thing applies to Europe. Where you have to move from west to east, in order to see girls become hotter and hotter, but this is a subject for another future post.

Second half of my months in Medellin.

During my stay in Medellin I have build a good crew of regulars. With some rotation it was always around 3-4 girls at a time. Which led into me experimenting on different ways to get the girls to stop seeing me as a “relationship material” guy and more as a “friend with benefits” guy, and realise that there might be other girls.


It is already a part of a culture and you are expected to sleep around, but here are some extra steps you can take.

  1. Play Maluma’s song, Cuatro Babys. Very famous song in South America – 625 million views as we speak. Basically a song is about a guy who is in love with four girls and he is indecisive which one he likes more. I usually played it and said something like, “this guy must have a big heart, loving four girls at a time” than I would joke that my maximum is three, I could not satisfy more.
  2. Play of words. In Spanish word “perro” means “a dog”, another meaning of the word is – guy who sleeps with a lot of women, player, womanizer. I would ask a girl, do you like dogs? If she said yes I would say, “good it means you will like me” or “I am glad that you don’t mind sharing your man”. If no, then “we will not get along”, “you are such an egoist”.

Make sure it is all said as a joke, with smile and laughter. Still the idea will be conveyed, but there has to be plausible deniability. It makes a big difference in how a girl views you. You might risk losing a regular, but there will not be a big shock if she sees you with someone else or if you leave all of a sudden.

I prefer this to broken hearts and tears.

Family game.

Consistent daygaming in Medellin with my students, brought my daygame to another level. I firmly believe in gym analogy with daygame.

If you go to the gym and keep lifting 5 kg every time and never pushing harder, you will not progress. Same thing with daygame. If you keep looking for a convenient daygame targets, solo stationary girl with no distractions, you will not be able to improve.

If you go to gym and lift 5 kg, then 10 then 20 and 50. Once you go back to lifting 5 it will be an easy task. Same with daygame.

If you start with easy solo girl stationary targets, then try two girls, then moving targets, mixed groups and even families, when you go back to approaching a solo stationary girl it will be easy.

Another similarity is that if you stop working out your physique deteriorates. Same if you stop approaching, your approach anxiety comes back and you social skills get rusty.

In Medellin, I started consistently seeking out difficult targets and pushing my limits. Some family approaches, became family dates. I approached an 18 year old cute curly haired girl together with her whole family sitting on a concrete step eating ice cream. There is nothing wrong with a family approach if you do it right.

I approached a mom, said hello and cold read that they were a family and she was a mom. She said yes. I proceeded with complementing the beauty of a daughter and asked for a permission to talk to her. Mom was flattered and said yes, sure. I spoke with a girl for few minutes and got her Instagram.

Few days later we agreed for a date and she offered to pick me up on a car. Dad was driving thus I was introduced to her dad. Next weekend we went out of town to a theme park together with her family. It was a great day. We sat on a back seat, a girl was playing ukulele and singing songs in Spanish, the weather was perfect. In a small town on the outskirts I was introduced to an even bigger family. Got treated with local food, surrounded by kids and pets.

This way a bold approach on the street resulted into me experiencing unique social interaction. Becoming a part of Colombian family for few days. Experiencing a foreign country from a totally different angle.

Always be ready.

Once you have done more than a thousand of daygame approached and you know what to do in any possible daygame situation, you don’t need to go out and daygame anymore. Daygame just blends in with your life and becomes your second nature. You start to be more aware, notice girls around you and most importantly become ready to act at any given moment.

One of my most notable bangs started with me going to a vegetable store two minutes away from my house. As I entered the store I saw a cute girl inside. I needed to buy wine for a date later that day. As I came in I could clearly see there was no wine to be found in that shop. So I waited until the girl was about to be done with her purchase and asked a question to the storekeeper. He said no and I proceeded asking a girl “where can I buy wine here”. We talked a bit outside of the shop, I converted to direct by showing my interest in her and delivering a compliment and took her Instagram.

One date later she came to my place. As we were drinking beer we started a deep conversation and she opened up about the nature of her work. It turned out she was a cam model. Previously she was claiming to be working in a call centre – I must admit there are certain similarities. I took it cool, as if nothing happened and made her feel comfortable. Told her about my trip to Bucharest – aka Europe’s web-cam show capital. And that it is not a new thing for me.

The funny part is that I saw videos of her riding a dildo even before I ever saw her naked.

Kind of like a blend between a porn and real life only after watching her porn I was able to bang her and make my own porn. And all of this just from going to the store, being able to approach and having a DHVing Instagram album.

Black fever.

This girl was black, or more precisely mixed black – morena. Same as other girls in Medellin including on of my favourite regular “Miss Something” few years ago.

When I landed in South America my experience with black girls was limited to one girl in Philippines, who was half black. I liked it, but it was not enough to make a judgement. As soon as I landed in Bogota I was curious about some mulatas I kept seeing so I actively tried to meet more of them. The result of this was an chronic case of acute black fever.

Mulatas, morenas and anything in between. Gotta love them. Their bodies sometimes look like they have been created to bring viewing pleasure and you will never find a body proportions like that on a white girl. First time ever I am not excited about going back to Ukraine. It just seems boring now that I will have to stick to one race only, no matter how hot. Well lets hope the symptoms of black fever will subside a bit in the future.

The plight of the long hair.

As any player might know, hair is a problem. Every girl who visits your place wants to leave something behind.

My collection of left items is so large I could open a pawnshop. However most commonly girls leave behind their hair.

What to do? Well… Clean up. At some point of my trip I became tired of doing this and so sure of myself and the fact that my regulars understand whats up so I stopped cleaning the hair. This resulted in me losing my favourite regular, black chick with perfect hips to waste ratio, huge ass, huge tits and cute face. She was black thus curly and saw bunch of long straight hairs on the floor. I never saw her again. She left without even finishing a blow job.

If you are ever facing a situation when a girl is questioning the hair on the floor or a left female object here are some good emergency excuses:

It is cleaning lady’s. Although what kind of a bad cleaner she is and why does she take a shower in your place and leave some hair there 😀

Roommate’s girl. If you have a roommate.

Landlord visited. It is she or he has a long hair.

A friend came over for a drink and brought his girlfriend.

It was already there when you moved in.

Sister, mother, cousin if you are not a continent away.

If the type of hair is similar to the girl you are with, get offended and say “How dare you. no one comes here and it must be yours.”



Contrary to the title of this post Medellin stands strong in the top three of the places I would like to live in and I feel secure I will be back. I might go back to do the project “Medellin House”. Rent a large house or a penthouse and rent out all bedrooms to my coaching students and like minded friends. The questions is not if it is going to happen but when. So if you would have interest in such endeavour comment in the comment section and let me know how would you like a place to look. Penthouse with a hot tub or a house with a pool?



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  1. A fellow seduction traveller 7 months ago

    Hi Vinny, I totally agree with most of your post as it matches my own experience in Medellín, the only thing I wonder is if you have actually been to Chile. Chilean girls are in my opinion among the hottest in South America, behind Brazil and Colombia and maybe Argentina (depending on personal taste) but definitely much hotter than Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay. (I have been to all the countries I just mentioned and spent at least a few weeks there) Chilean girls are moreover not that easy, good conversational Spanish and high value is required which is mostly due to the fact that Chile has much higher living standards than its neighbours, I therefore would definitely not agree with your South America ranking, it might also be a question of personal taste as I said,


    a fellow seduction traveller.

    • Instagram Casanova 7 months ago

      Hey fellow seduction traveller 😉

      The looks wise sorting is always based on taste, but I have discussed this topic on RVF prior and we came to the common consensus that this order is the most accurate. Of course your experiences may differ but generally most people agree that Chile is the lowest on the looks scale.

      How would you rank listed countries?

  2. JonasKamo 6 months ago

    Using your Instantical service for Instagram, thanks so far for 3 successful dates I got with Ig.

    • Instagram Casanova 6 months ago

      That is awesome man. Thanks for reporting this.
      I know at least 10 other guys who messaged me personally thanking me for the Instagram bangs.
      I had a very notable Instagram Bang myself recently. Been a lazy ass, but will write a blog post about it soon enough.

  3. Thomas 5 months ago

    Just found your website, great stuff. Thanks for sharing

  4. Sarah Carlson 4 months ago

    Fun read!

  5. C 4 months ago

    Your Medellin Project sounds interesting. What kind of location are we talking about here? Around Lleras? Las Palmas? Envigado?

    • Instagram Casanova 4 months ago

      It depends on where I can find a house or a penthouse with a pool or jakuzzi. These kind of real estate is normally in Poblado. Going to Medellin soon and will start my search.


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