World Travel log part 5. Why you should revisit cities or the power of staying in a girls attention field.

After a month in Cali I came back to Bogota, for a week to see some of my regular girls and meet with friends. As always cold, rainy, depressive weather was balanced by cute student girls walking around in hundreds. I do wish Colombians placed their Capital in a warmer part of the country.

On my first visit to Bogota I did my high altitude daygame approach at a Monserrate mountain (3200m above sea level). The girl seemed interested, followed me on Instagram, but would just not go out with me cause she had a boyfriend. Few weeks before I returned to Bogota, she suddenly became very active and started messaging me commenting on my stories and showing interest in any way possible. We agreed to meet as soon as I am back.

On our first date I found out there was no more boyfriend and the next day I became the one to satisfy her sexual needs. 18 year old student girl with green eyes, sexy body and a cute face. At least an eight in my books. She would come over at a lunch break bang me and go back to studies. Thus she became one of my most loyal regulars, and here is how.

When you meet a girl and get her to follow you on Instagram, you will stay in her vision. A month, two months a year later chances are she will still remember you.

And guess who she is going to think about when her relationship goes south? Yes this interesting foreigner guy who confidently approached her on the street and has such an amazing lifestyle full of adventure. And when you are in her city and post about it on IG, chances are she will get back to you and show some interest.

This story keeps repeating itself. I get girls who I have not seen for months messaging me and saying they dreamed of me. Why? Dreams are subconscious and by constantly appearing in a girls vision you get into her subconscious.

There is no better way to make a girl realize she likes you than to make her think about you when you are not around or even dream about you.

Be the first guy a girl thinks about when she becomes single. Let the girls come to you. Passive bangs are the future. Come to the city and plant the seeds, come back after few months and collect the fruits.

My Brazilian flag.

It was a meeting of friends in Bogota beer company. No girls in mind, just beers and bro time. Yet after a beer I saw a lonely girl in a corner and could not stop myself from approaching her.

Apparently a Tinder date stood her up. Lonely Brazilian girl in Bogota for few days, huge tits, cute face, funny accent. What a great opportunity. I ran my Instagram game on her. Approached her, talked for a while and IG closed her. Gave her twenty minutes to bite the bait, looking at her liking my pictures and absorbing the value demonstration. Over DM I asked her to come join our table. An hour later we were banging.

When we entered my place I went to a toilet, when I came out she was already naked. If this is how Brazilian girls are I cant wait to get there in the end of my South America trip.

Brazilian flag


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