How to meet girls on Instagram. Instagram as an online dating tool.

Instagram is not designed to be a dating tool, but with a bit of hacking involved it beats even the conventional dating platforms.

I have had my fair share of Tinder girls before I went all in daygaming and using Instagram as a dating tool. While tinder is easy I would say it is quantity over quality approach.

Why I would not consider a Tinder girl even for a short term relationship.

Every single girl I met was trying to convince me she is not like the rest and yet most of them were exactly the same. Short attention spans, large number of guys to choose from at any given time. Generally weird interactions and a feeling of “there is something missing”.

Best looking women out there just won’t ever register on tinder. They don’t need it. They are getting attention at work, at school, anywhere they go.

However nearly every best looking girl has Instagram, I am yet to find a girl above 9 without Instagram.

For the purpose of making this post shorter and more informational I will consider that you already have a great value displaying album and a large amount of followers.

Step by step guide:

Find a girl you like

Just give yourself a second and think, where do the girls you like congregate. How old are they? Lets take the common example and say you like girls in 18-24 range. Where do they go? They go to nightclubs and bars, they study in universities and if you like them fit some of them go to gyms. 

Instagram can save a lot of time and money in your dating process if you do things right.

Instead of going to a nightclub (which is a rather expensive, unhealthy venture) to get access to a limited number of girls to approach (normally you can approach few sets only) you could go to a club’s geotags and message the girls who visited this club last weekend and many weekends before that for as many as several years. Not all of them will use geotags, but trust me it gives you potential access to a much larger number of women than night game.

You can also get access to girls in the universities where you have never studied. This is a very good way of limiting the age range.

Gyms are a hit or miss as unfortunately this is a the geotag type where guys are most active. Try female gyms, yoga studios, dancing studios etc. What you will get with gyms however is the higher quality of women.

Lets me show you how to find a girl using university geotags.

As I am planning a trip to Budapest in few weeks I will use it as an example.Search for Budapest university and press “places”. This gives you a full list of Universities of Budapest.

Open any of these geotags and scroll through in search of a girl you like, or numerous girls. This is numbers game as a good reply rate would be within 10-20% range. Some of the girls have boyfriends, some are just not checking their IG often enough. Start with opening 10 girls an hour and slowly increase if needed, this will help you avoid a temporary ban. Use different openers, because copy/paste method will also increase chance of you getting a temporary DM ban.

After using this method to pipeline few times and having notable results my limits were lifted. I believe these days I could easily message 20-30 girls an hour without any trouble.

Before opening. Like 3 to 5 of the girl’s pictures and follow her. This is an important trick I use to get over the Message Request folder barrier. What the girl will see in her activity log is something like this:

Pay attention to an importance of Instagram name and the thumbnail picture. This is what should spark the girls interest and make her visit your account.

With your Instagram Name and a thumbnail picture you must be able to create an emotional response attraction or curiosity. After that the next thing girl sees is your amount of followers, your description and the 6 last photos you posted. This is where she get the scope of your value and gets further interested, she might scroll through the top 20 photos, see the engagement and gauge the preselection. She is ready now, she presses follow.

As soon as she follows you back she receives the notification of the message you sent her.

Open a girl.

Just as in daygame or nightgame you have same options. Indirect, direct, semi-direct or situational.

Indirect could be a question about a place that you are pipelining. You are just a lost tourist looking for a guide.

Direct could be complement about a girls appearance.



Hi I am going to your town in a week. What is a best bar on a Thursday night?

I usually follow up with, thanks you are very helpful/great guide. You should come join me for a beer.

Another way of doing it could be – what is the best place to eat/coffee/walk in your city?

After you receive your answer proceed with thanking a girl and offering her to enjoy listed activity with you. Note that it is not your chatting skills, but the value of your amount of followers and great album that should make the girl accept the offer. Pay attention to how the girl from Budapest reacted to my opener, see the word awesome in there?


You show a bit of interest. But it is vague.

Great photos!

Loved your album!


You are cute/beautiful/interesting…

Wait to receive the thankful reply, proceed with your normal text game.


Comment on something you have seen in a girls album or a description. Not a bad way to open as it is more relevant, but requires more time and puts you in a lower value position.

Try taking a screenshot of the photo sending it to a girl and adding a comment. Situational can also have a hint of direct/semi-direct/indirect in it.

Follow up.

In the case listed above I went semi-direct and the response was good.

Depending on a response and the level of interest you can choose different ways to proceed.

I prefer to have a brief chat and take conversation to WhatsApp. If the girl is not showing an interest I might take a bit more time to build some trust chat a bit more and get to know each other.

If you get a response don’t forget to put a girl in a whitelist. Sometimes I failed to do this and some girls noticed and were not happy.

Terrible and ugly message request folder.

If you open a girl out of the blue the chanced that she sees your message are slim. If a girl is cute and has some following by that time she would have probably disabled notification of new messages from everyone. Use the tricks provided above to overcome this issue. It is kind of funny as at times I get messages from girls in places I visited years ago and they get all sad that I have already left.

Tips and tricks:

If your interaction stalls on WhatsApp and the girl is not replying your last few messages take the conversation back to Instagram. Girl might just need to refresh her memory on how much value you have to offer.

Use stories to stay active. Sometimes I scroll through stories of the girls I am slow-cooking prior to my arrival and just react in the form of a smiley face or something simple. Takes seconds, but makes the girl go back and check your stuff out.

If you find a girl that you like a lot after you follow her scroll through the list of suggestions, these might be the similar girls. Be careful thought cause some times they might be her friends.

Let me demonstrate awesome power of our Instagram growth service by making your album a bit more attractive right now. Get the free one photo like boost by signing up to the form below.

Note like boost can only be done for open accounts, so if you have your account in private make it public for couple days.


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  1. Rob 9 months ago

    Pure gold Vinny. I can see how this strategy could work if you stick to it and realize it’s a numbers game. I’m going to do it for my upcoming trip.

    • Instagram Casanova 9 months ago

      Nice to hear that. Yea takes a bit of time, but gives you another option on how to pipeline for a trip and avoid the type of “online dating girl”.
      Gotta use any tool available in a toolbox.

  2. Instagram Casanova 9 months ago

    I will write about how to use automation to pipeline semi-automatically in the future posts!

  3. Gopnik 8 months ago

    Great post man. I’ve got a question though, what do you mean by putting “a girl in a whitelist”? Thanks in advance.

    • Instagram Casanova 8 months ago

      When you are using automation to grow your following you will normally have two days before your automation will automatically unfollow someone you have followed. If you put a name in a whitelist person will not be unfollowed.

  4. Anonymous 8 months ago

    So where is the proof that you actually have a lot of followers? If you’re giving advice on the subject, isn’t it absolutely critical that you can prove you’re an authority?

    • Instagram Casanova 8 months ago

      Hi Anonymous.

      Well due to Instagram’s policies I have to keep my IG name private or I will get banned. IG is not officially an online dating tool, and automating growth is not allowed.

      My Red Pill journey begun on Roosh V Forum, where I have been posting for couple of years including my Instagram game datasheet a year ago. It all later on grew to becoming a blog based on advice from guys I met from the forum.

      So the only proof I can offer as of me being real and actually having a lot of followers is the fact that I met all these people and they have seen me, my game and my Instagram.

      Feel free to check my reputation on there

  5. Potential 6 months ago

    Just dropping by to thank Vinny for his help with my Instagram. Vinny gave me some great personalized advice and I’m now reaping the rewards. I highly recommend you get Vinny to take a look at your profile – he pointed out some things that have definitely maximized the impact for me. I’ve enjoyed fantastic growth and thanks to Vinny I have a good understanding of what sorts of pictures I should be posting to create an awesome Instagram page..

    If you’re not on the Instagram train, you’re missing out. Don’t think it’s too late – start today and within a few months you’ll be enjoying the results.

    I’ve sent Vinny pics of one of the girls I had some success with in the deepest FSU. He approves.

    • Instagram Casanova 6 months ago

      The girl was hot and exotic, I desire that flag myself. This is the case when apprentice beats the master.

      Glad for your success, keep grinding it and do comment if you get another notable success!

  6. Alex 5 months ago

    This is the most actionable instruction on dating I have ever seen.

  7. Drix 4 months ago

    My story is that i wasn’t fan of online stuff, until i joined to the advanced service that this page offer after hearing nice stories from friends. Some weeks have passed, my new account have gained hundreds of followers, my pics are getting decent likes and i am receiving messages from some good looking girls. Also it helps me to close easily my daygame targets.

    Instagram is the thing now, better take it and enjoy the moment.

    Thanks for the service and the great information, Vinny.

    • Instagram Casanova 4 months ago

      Always nice to see a happy customer. You are welcome Drix. Spread the word about our good service, for every new client you help us get you receive a free month.

  8. Jake 4 months ago

    Just hit 10k followers thanks to the Vinny’s Instagram service… I feel like now it’s kind of in the 95% percentile or so and it will really make a difference. I’ve also noticed my pictures stay posted in the top photos of each location/hash tag for days sometimes, which just compounds the likes on the photos. Pretty awesome. Another funny scenario is when a little aspiring model is pissed because she thought you’d be impressed by her 8k count, then she doubts you and checks your likes only to find 1-2k likes on each photo. If anyone asks questions I use similar to the viral line Vinny gave but a bit more- I say I posted a gallery of my road trip on Reddit and a ton of people followed me all of a sudden. Anyway, thanks again guys.


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