World travel log part 6 – Medellin, beginning.

Ride from the Medellin airport to the city was almost like a roller coaster ride, but despite all the discomfort I knew straight away I am in a right place.

First impressions:

During my ride I could glimpse a hottie here in there, all shapes and colors. I could not wait to get going so as soon as I settled in my apartment in Laureles district I took a short walk to the UPB university. Setenta street was quiet and I sat down to have some food.

As I was stuffing my face with Pizza I saw these three “Victoria secret model” type of girls walking by.

I am still kicking myself to this day for not dropping my pizza and running after them. It was my first day so I assumed it is normal for Medellin but I never saw anything like that again. I settled for a date with a girl who I met on Instagram using UPB university’s hashtag, barely a 7.

He who hesitates…

In Medellin I started to seriously pursue my daygame coaching project. I was daygaming with different students every day for more than twenty days in a row. My conclusion is that Medellin is one of the best daygame spots in the world.

Perfect weather, numerous targets at any given time, very good responses. I have scouted three different universities, tried daygaming on busy streets and on many metro stations, I have even approached and got a bang from the slums of Medellin, where you can get on a funicular.

Why should you not stay in Poblado.

For those of you wondering why did I not stay in Poblado neighborhood, just like every other foreigner in Medellin. For same reason I did not stay in Zona T in Bogota but lived in Candelaria. The reason is foreigners. You want to be as far away from where the tourists and expats congregate. Your foreigner value will be higher while prices lower.

For the whole month in Medellin it almost never rained and it was never too hot or too cold. Combine this with hottest girls in Colombia and reasonable prices and it makes a perfect place to live. I have discovered the perfect hideaway from the European Winter.

Flakiness, or why is one bird in hands better than two in the bush.

I am not a nightlife person, but the only time I went out in Medellin it went well. I arrived with a group of friends and even before the first shot I was already talking to a group of girls at the next table. This “blitzkrieg” tactics turned out to be successful as the place quickly filled with guys. It was going good, I was doing a bit of dancing game, things were heating up. And then I left…

I had an outdoors gym session early morning next day with a legit 9. I quickly found out that I bet on a wrong horse, next morning the girl flaked.

I did meet the nightgame girl later that week and she became one of my most faithful regulars. But I still learned the lesson a 7 in your hands is better than two 9s in your WhatsApp.

My nightgame regular girl washing dishes at my place

Authority Game

I spoke about the gym session with a girl earlier. It was something I tried out for the first time in Colombia. I was working out every day in the morning in the open air gym. I invited few girls to join me and some agreed.

Being a trainer makes you an authority and puts a girl in a submissive state. After dictating her what to do for an hour she gets used to you being assertive.

From then on I offered the girls to go to my place for a stretching session, some water or a protein shake which let to sweet love and boy was I horny after a workout.

The outdoors workout lead to one of the best routines I had in my lifetime. For most of my month in Medellin my Venezuelan girl would come workout with me every second morning, then we would have sex, then she left for work. Perfect set up.

My Venezuelan regular

I could see similar game style being applicable to other situations. Being a language teacher, being a tour guide any setup when people see you as an authority.

Slums and time travel

If you want to experience Colombia like it was years ago you don’t need to build a time machine. It is enough to take a train to Acevedo station and take a metro cable to Medellin slums. Your foreigner value will suddenly go sky high.

I made some extreme daygame sessions there and landed one of my hottest bangs. Big titted slum girl, covered with tattoos. On a first date she suggested she comes right too my place. Why? Because she was afraid of her boyfriend spotting us if we went out in public. Yes Latin American girls are not the most faithful out there.

WhatsApp coaching

In Medellin I tried something that I have never heard being done before. WhatsApp daygame coaching. Many guys from around the world contacted me for advice, so I found a way out.

I took it to the next level from the normal Skype video call when you discuss the tactics. I go out to a daygamable area of the city, my student does the same and while we talk about strategies and theory we scope for targets. I approach, student approaches.

A recent review by the WA coaching client:

I got a WhatsApp daygame coaching session from IG Casanova during the week. I was in Barcelona for a few days, IG Casanova gave me some solid info and talked me through some steps. Before I knew it I was heading to Las Rambla with IG Casanova in my ear, I spotted a hot chick walking the opposite direction. With some motivation and a Spanish opener from IG Casanova I turned around and caught up with her. Absolutely butchered the opener, but luckily she was French and was receptive. We chatted for a few minutes, and then Instagram closed. It really was that easy! IG Casanova gave me feedback on the approach, some pointers on what I did well and what I could approve. Thanks for the session IG Casanova, much appreciated! JC7000KK

At the end of one of the first sessions both me in Medellin and my student in Lima ended up with Instadates.

I opened a girl at the restaurant sitting at the open air part with a simple direct situational opener “You are cute, why are you alone?”. A beer later we went to her hotel when she changed before we went out again.

I was waiting in the lobby. She came down in a short skirt and a tiny top, leopard color, which was a good indicator of a SNL for me. We proceeded with a reggaeton grinding session then a taxi to my place.

This time I was right.

A month in Medellin is a life in itself. I will have to divide my adventures there in two posts to make it readable.

To be continued…


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  1. Instagram Casanova 9 months ago

    One month in Medellin is like a small life. Could not fit it all in one post. The next one is coming soon.

  2. josh bar 7 months ago

    Way to end the workouts with some cardio Vinny !

  3. josh bar 7 months ago

    ‘A month in Medellin is a life in itself.’
    plan on going soon 🙂

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    Awesome Blog. Very much enjoyed reading.


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