Here are my observations on the best photos to use for an Instagram album.

It is based on common sense and on me observing numerous girls looking through my Instagram album. I noted what they pay attention to and what they like most.

The idea of Instagram game is that you can use your album and amount of followers as a tool to instantly show value and build trust. You know you are doing things right when after a girl sees your Instagram she says something like: “Wow!!!”, “Are you famous or something?”, “Are you an actor?”, “Are you a photographer?”, “Are you a model?”, “I love your photos!!!”.

As all good things in life it requires some work, if it would be easy everyone would do it. But it is also not hard. You don’t need to create anything new. Trust me you already have value.

All you have to do is put some thought into it and learn to capture moments of your life that display value. Convert it from real life to a digital photo format.

Disclaimer: Forget about what your parents told you. Forget about being timid, this is a time to show off relentlessly. Find a way to show every little bit of value that you have and be proud of it. Welcome to the 21 century.

Let me walk you through it.

1. Understand what it is you are doing and what is your goal.

Look at each photo and ask yourself what does this photo tell about me? How loud does it say it? Your goal is to display value or build trust with each photo. Forget funny pictures you stole from other channels, forget meaningless selfies, don’t try to copy the things girls do. Your album is a trap you set for a girl. She goes in and after she leaves she should like, trust and respect you more. You album is not for you, not for your family, not for your friends. If you feel an urge for this get a second Instagram.

2. Amount of photos.

It is better to have 20 awesome photos than a thousand of average ones. Even if you have 200 great photos, try to compress it all to 50 super awesome ones. Girls are lazy so make sure you give them ability to see all the value you have to offer. Deleting photos is a difficult process. Some might be dear to your heart, but you got to remember point 1 and that the goal of your IG is not to please you but to get a girl interested.

Also once you use automation the less photos you have the more likes every photo will have. Same as amount of followers amount of likes is a huge value boost. Some girls buy their followers and thus their photos don’t have likes and it looks fake.

You can start with 9 to 12 best photos you collected within your lifetime and then slowly build the amount up to 50 with only one thing on your mind, make the girls attracted.

3. Quality of photos

With your Instagram it is quality over quantity. Make sure you make you photos look as good as possible. Nearly every new smartphone makes a great picture. Don’t feel bad for editing colors a bit to make things look even more like in real life. I am not a photographer, but most people agree my photos look great. Here is what I do. I own the Samsung S7 smartphone, I MAKE A LOT OF PICTURES, I choose only the best of them before posting.

If you don’t know knots tie lots. If you don’t know how to make a good photo just make a lot.

Try different angles and different poses. Especially if the background shows a lot of value. Lets say you are in a Machu Picchu. It is a one time chance for you so make hundreds of photos if necessary. Trust me out of 20 photos at least one will be a good one. If you are totally lost with it, look at what others do. Follow some famous Instagram celebrity dudes and steal their ideas.

Girls are emotional creatures. So aim to create an emotion with a photo. Fear, attraction, curiosity. I did some dangerous stuff before. More for experience, but I did capture it as well. Some girls squeal when they see a video. Make sure to stay alive however.

4. Amount of followers.

This is the half of your success and fortunately the easiest thing to fix. I suggest using Follwliker. FL allows you to do many more things then just growing your following, you can use it to pipeline for a trip or even to bring customers to your business and this is why it is a complex tool to use. Don’t worry I am here to help

5. Value displaying. Stacking effect.

Everything good and interesting about you and your life is what you need to display. Think about it… What people value in you? Anything can be put in a photo or video format with a bit of effort.

You displaying your talents: playing musical instruments, singing, drawing, sculpting.

You doing something cool: wakeboarding, kayaking, surfing, paragliding, diving with sharks, snorkeling.

You living an interesting lifestyle. Cultural stuff, museums, concerts, theaters, conventions, travel is a big one as it also shows that you have money to travel.

You living a healthy lifestyle and looking good. You lifting a lot of weight, doing yoga, swimming, golfing.

Your social life, a photo with some hot chicks here and there, you and your friends enjoying each others company.

You loving and caring, with some pets or something cute.

Here is the big one. Stacking.

You can include several types of DHV and trust building in one photo.

Here is an example.

A good selfie of you only gives you one point for looking good.

A good selfie of you in Thailand gives you three points, for looking good, for traveling to a cool place and being able to afford to travel far.

A good selfie of you in Thailand holding a baby chimp gives you ten points with all the awesomeness and cuteness stacked together.

Life is not a computer game and everything is not linear and I don’t know the exact algorithm of how it works, but it does work. Try stacking good view with interestingness, uniqueness, awesomeness, attractiveness and cuteness all in one photo. It is better to have five photos of this type then a thousand of plain type.

You got to stick out. So next time you are in a cool place think, what is it I can do differently.

This information applies in a similar way to Facebook and other social networks like Vkontakte in Russia and Ukraine. A good thing to do is to work on your Instagram and setting up auto post all new pictures to other social networks from . This will save you time.

Girls have short attention span this days. Use technology to combat this issue. Be better than others.

Let me demonstrate awesome power of our Instagram growth service by making your album a bit more attractive right now. Get the free one photo like boost by signing up to the form below.

Note like boost can only be done for open accounts, so if you have your account in private make it public for couple days.


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  1. Instagram Casanova 9 months ago

    What do you guys think? Makes sense?

  2. Robreke 8 months ago

    Do you use any pictures of you with cute girls? Like every once in a while?

    I’ve got a few interested girls from IG and am seeing one too. I’m wondering if I add 5 or so new pictures and one of them is me and a good looking girl (just having good time laughing and she’s looking at me) could backfire/mess up future chances.

    • Instagram Casanova 8 months ago

      You can use and should use pictures with girls on your account because it will lessen the gay vibe (those PMs do get annoying sometimes), show value and preselection.

      Here are the rules I try to stick to:
      Preferably 2 girls in a frame. Your pose masculine they are squeezing you tight.
      Only hot girls. Preferably 8+
      One photo with a girl in 20-25 photos.
      Never a same girl twice.

      Tolerance to photos with girls and the player vibe varies on a region. In SA it is very high in EE it is very low. So you can’t have one size fits all with this one.


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