This sounds like a catchy commercial title doesn’t it?

Get rich quick, without working. Lose wait without diets and exercising.

Well in this case you are lucky. This is not a lie and nor it is a trick. I have done it myself with four different languages including my native language.

In this lies the trick, the same way you have learned your native language as a toddler you can learn other languages.

Learning languages is easy and it is fun.

I am not a linguist, but I have a theory. Your brain has a natural inbuilt mechanism to learn languages. It connects the words you hear to a picture you see and automatically prescribes meaning to words and phrases. Just as a toddler crawling around you observe people talking and pick-up the language automatically.

Here is how you do it.

  1. First week. Get the Duolingo free language learning app and play with it for few days or a week. It is designed as a game which gets you addicted for few days. This way you will pick up 200-300 most used words in a language. They will be used by your brain as the one word to help you guess the meaning of the whole sentence.
  2. First two months. Go to Youtube and find a soap opera in the language you like to learn and start consuming it one episode after another. Preferably an hour or two a day a day. The way it works is that soap operas are designed to be a bit addictive and you will want to come back and watch a bit more. After few months of this and some Duolingo on the side you will be able to understand general everyday communication language. Soap operas are perfect for this because all actors do is talk and talk about love and romance and this is the exact vocabulary you want to learn for your future exploits.
  3. Now you are ready to start watching something more interesting. Do you have a favorite series? Find it translated to a language you want to learn and re-watch it. Few months of this and you are ready for the last step.
  4. Spoof your tinder to the country you want to visit, where girls speak the language you want to learn. Talk to girls with the help of google translate. Get their whats apps and call them. This will do two things for you. Help you pipeline and build bond with women you are about to visit and also let you practice all aspects of language, writing, reading, listening and speaking.


Voila. Half year to a year later depending on your persistence you can now communicate in a new language. Without opening a book, without trying hard. Only by watching your favorite shows and by talking to cute girls.

Now you are ready to go the country of your dreams and seal your success by meeting the girls on streets all the time speaking the new language. Once you are can go from meeting to a bang without the help of google translate, congratulations!!! Your language is sexually conversational!

Few more tips:

  • All the time you are learning and beyond in your car and at your home listen to music in the language you want to learn.
  • Any time you have a person around who speaks the language you want to learn not matter how bad you are go to him/her and try talking. Trust me people are very happy to see you learning their language and will be very patient.
  • When you are travelling and meeting people from different countries always ask them how to say things in their native language. This will keep your memory sharp. And when you will meet a new girls from this country she will be impressed and flattered by your ability to say few things in her language.
  • Girls love it when you are learning their language. They will go out of their way to help you. Girls you are dating are the best and free language teachers.
  • Do not try to translate everything you see or hear. Let the brain do it automatically by using context to grasp the meaning. But if there is this one word that keeps popping up and you don’t know what it means translate it.
  • If you want to take your language to the next level, after you completed the previous steps. Listen to the audiobooks in the language you are learning. Start from fairy tails and children books. I advice Harry Potter perfect level of difficulty and slowly build up the difficulty. You will not notice when you will have a better vocabulary then the girls you are dating.

Good luck


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