The role of thumbnail picture, Instagram name, description, last six photos and huge following.

We all know about importance of first impressions. The version of this in Instagram is a thumbnail picture and your IG name. When you like someone’s picture, follow someone or your automation does, this is what the people will see. Vast majority of people will never look beyond your thumbnail picture.  It should be appealing enough, or create an emotional response so that the people will click it. Only then they will be able to go and see what your album has to offer and like your photos or even follow you.

There is one thing you have to be able to achieve with your avatar pic on Instagram and your name – the girl who sees it has to click on it and check your profile. Next time you are looking through your Instagram and you catch yourself on someone’s account think about it. What made you click it? Did you see a nice ass or a nice rack? Or maybe it was something peculiar which triggered your curiosity.

Number one way to grab attention is to create an emotional response. It is great if you have a photo that will create a strong attraction as it means that you are already starting to game the girl since the first moment, but it is not the only way to do it.

Instagram is dominated by females, as a guy it is hard as we have no secret weapons as women do (tits and asses). You could however do very well with shirtless shot if you have a good body, or a suited photo if you don’t. Nice angle and stylish accessory (watch or sunglasses) could help. Beautiful background could be a game changer too. Aim for a world known tourist destination or at least something with water, forest or mountains in it.

Other emotions to aim for:

Scary. You at very dangerous life threatening location, about to jump in a waterfall or on the verge of the cliff, can induce people to click on it, just to check out if you are still alive after that.

Sexy. Got body that will make her wet? Use it. Got eyes that make girl’s knees bend? Use it.

Cute. Particularly cute photo where your masculinity is balanced out with something extremely cute in your hands? This will probably make girls click in hopes to see more. (this is why there are quite a few channels on IG with dudes travelling with dogs).

Grab a photo with a puppy

Envy. There is something that makes people want to see how great is the life of others. This is not a good emotion, but some people strive for it.

Joy. Is there a shot which makes your smile come out, it will probably do the same for others. Use it and it will want girls to want to get more of that dopamine.

There might be some I am missing, would love to hear your ideas in comment section below.

Your Instagram should be memorable. Girl who sees it once should remember it. Avoid stuff like name123 or random letter formations. Your name and thumbnail photo is like a face of your brand. Add some humor to it or make it fit your niche.

Description, last six photos, followers count.

After a girl visits your page, drawn by the emotional reaction you have created she sees following things next: description of your account, last six photos posted and your followers count.

Your description is 350 symbols. Max it out. Think about everything people love about you and respect you for, mention it, sell yourself shamelessly. Add few smiley faces or flags of countries you traveled to give it some color.

You don’t need to lie but you can flex the truth. Are you a truck driver? Well you can say you work in logistics then. Are you a male nurse? Just say that you save lives daily.

Followers count should act as another emotional boost to feed the interest and make a girl feel lucky to be chosen by you. This is when the roles are being reversed. If you don’t have a large followers amount no problem, we have a solution for you.

Large followers count will act as a show of preselection. A lot of people follow you, other girls like you, girls can help but be attracted to that.

In Instagram game followers amount is the half of success. Modern day women value that and strive to get more followers themselves. Having 50k of real followers is equal to driving a Porsche. Well even if you have a Porsche once you leave your country you can’t take it with you. Guess what snap a photo, post it and it will be with you whenever you go.

This brings me to next step. Your six last photos should serve to get a girl interested enough to keep scrolling. Don’t post a lot, if you post a photo it better be great. Use stories to stay active on Instagram, post a lot of photos there. And those that will get the most messages from girls, can be posted in your feed.

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of how to make a good first impression on Instagram. If you did don’t forget to comment in a comment section below and if I missed something do let me know there too.

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