A lot of time guys post stuff on their IG that not only does not make them look better, but on contrary lowers their value. Lets review common Instagram mistakes guys make.

Part of my job is doing analysis of the Instagram accounts of my clients, I have looked in depth on more than 100 Instagram pages and noticed some common Instagram mistakes.

1. Terrible Instagram name.

Your Instagram name is one of the first things people will encounter when getting to see your Instagram if not actually the first, so it is utterly important that your name is memorable, easily readable and contains no numbers. If you manage to make your name humorous or fit a niche that is prevalent in your album that is even better.

If your name looks like this: johny123, qwerty111 or asdfg__ you are doing it wrong.

This basically makes your account look like a bot account. One of those numerous accounts created to follow others. Where soulless machines pick the name. You can do better!

2. Bad thumbnail picture

If you follow or like someone on Instagram, on their activity log they will see your name and your thumbnail picture. Mostly people look at a thumbnail picture, so it is your chance to draw attention. If the photo does not have you in it and creates no emotion, a person you followed or liked will not be drawn to check out your account and you will get no follow back and no likes in return. This is not only important while growing your following with the bot, same applies if you followed that girl you like, but did not manage to capture her attention. If she does not follow your back it lowers your chances to slide in her DMs and possibly make sweet love to her some time in the future. Now you see how important it is?

3. Impersonal account

There is a psychology involved into growing your Instagram page with the help of bots. You follow someone, they follow you back, but only if you are a person.

I remember my first days on Instagram, 10 followers just trying to understand what is going on here and all of a sudden I get a notification that I am followed by that chick with an awesome account, full of amazing travel photos and rocking 10k followers. What do I do? I think, well that is a nice gesture, thanks for support, I should follow her back. How likely would I have the same response to a channel selling shoes or bags?

So have more pics with your face in them and people will appreciate it.

Same goes to the dating part of it. The role of your IG page is to display value, build trust and attraction. So if you have 10 photos from Euro trip make sure at least one of them has your face in it, otherwise people will assume you just stole these.

4. Food photos

I hate to break it to you, but no one cares what you had for lunch.

If you are not a food blogger and don’t get paid for taking photos of the food in fancy restaurants, don’t post food photos. Keep your food photos for your stories, and unless you had a beautiful red lobster or a bucket of black caviar, this does not need to go in your album.

How your album should not look like

5. Not knowing how to display value

There are some people around, who have awesome lifestyles. Guys who traveled the globe, but forgot to take a single picture. It is huge lost for them, memories will fade, if not for an Instagram do it for your grand children. I am definitely against people who travel and observe the world around through the display of their camera, but both of these are extremes. With modern smartphones it takes seconds to snap a pic. But a photo taken at a right time at the right place will sit there in your album displaying value, building attraction for years to come. Saving you from necessity to brag about your awesome life during your dates.

Travel pictures are only one example. Anything there is in your life that makes you better than other, can be converted in a photo video format and shared using IG. And it will bring you more love, respect and pussy.

6. Too many girls, too little girls.

This is a controversial subject, since it is very location dependent. If you don’t have a single photo with a girl, gay guys will assume you are gay and you will get harassed in DMs. If you have more than one photo with a same girl and forget to mention she is your #sister girls will assume you have a girlfriend.

If you have a lot of photos with different girls in some parts of the world like South America girls will think you are cool, while in Eastern Europe most girls will avoid you like plague and brand you a sex tourist instantly.

There are ways to balance it out. Have 1 photo with a girl per 20, that is a safe amount and try having two girls with you so it is not clear which one of them is yours if any. Thus telling girls love you, but you are still not a player.

Only post the photo of you with the hottest girls, other chicks will take notice.

7. Lonely man’s album.

Sometimes I encounter guys who’s albums make me feel sad. If aliens would get to see that album only they would assume that planet earth is home to one human being only. No photos with friends, no photos with family, no pets even. Just nice views, food and lonely selfies. Don’t be that guy.

Even if your friends are not coolest guys alive, it is still a good sign that you have friends and that you have fun in your life. If you are utterly lonely in a new country, go party and ask to take pictures with people, no one will ever say no.

Be social.

8. Stolen photos.

Sometimes people fill up their albums with photos they have not taken, and some time it is painfully obvious. I am not against using someone else’s photos, especially if you have visited that place before and forgot to take a photo.

If you do take someone else’s photo make sure it resembles your own photos. One professional photo among 30 grainy smartphone photos will stick out.

Also if you download some photos from Paris, make sure you have at least one selfie with Eifel tower to show that you have actually been there.

9. Too many similar photos.

Beach photos are cool. Everyone likes beaches and outdoors, but it brings you no value to have 10 in a row. Remember your goal is to provide unique value display with each of your photo. Your Instagram should be like a models portfolio, only you are promoting yourself to girls.

Same goes to travel. Awesome Thailand trip? 2-3 photos with clearly defined geotags will be enough to show everyone that you went there, keep the space in your album for the best ones. Extra 20 photos of similar looking temples and landscapes only mean more work for you, but not more love from chicas.

10. Bad photo quality

After using our service for couple months and by the time you are crossing 5k line or even 10k line you need to make sure you have also improved your photography game in the process. You want your album to look like it deserves these followers.

Here are some tips.

  1. Read our masculine photo guide to get some photos ideas           

  2. Buy a new smartphone. Any new smartphone will make awesome quality picture.
  3. Use snapseed. This free app is everything you need to make a smartphone photo looking as if it is a professional one.


This concludes my list of common mistakes. Some of these deserve the post on their own to go more in depth, and I will write those in the future.

What do you guys think are other mistakes that I might have missed? Are you making any of listed mistakes yourself? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know by commenting.

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  1. Instagram Casanova 1 month ago

    I used to make some of these mistakes myself in the past. What about you?

    • Romano 1 month ago

      Won’t make them anymore thanks to your article 🙂

    • Pancake Mouse 1 month ago

      This is legit. I’m guilty of the “lonely guy”, “too little girls”, and “food photos” mistakes.

      However, I do pitch to girls that I’m a good cook, and thus food photos are a way to convey that, so I’m going to give myself a pass on that.

      I’m starting to get more comfortable to ask for photos with friends or guys I hang out with. I travel alone nearly all the time, so this is tough.

      Also, I *never* take photos with girls. Just not part of my world. I don’t tend to hang out with girls when they’re not in my bedroom, I find them generally annoying.

      • Instagram Casanova 1 month ago

        Once again food photos is not a taboo if it is your niche. If every 1-2 photos of awesomely looking food is followed by a photo of you cooking it, it is a totally different story, and it is value displaying. You see everyone eats, not everyone cooks and cooks well it is a unique value display and women find it sexy. Still unless you are aiming to make it your business don’t overwhelm your page with 50% of food photos and cooking photos, few is enough to understand that it is one of your positive sides.

  2. Frank 1 month ago

    This is great. Especially the #6. You can’t imagine how much of a difference it means to have a balance in your IG profile. When you go out there to make a good first impression, girls want to know you’re fun and with open arms.

    And that she can trust you.

    Couldn’t help but to laugh on the food part.

    Maybe she’s expecting you to take her out to somewhere fancy….? Or maybe she thinks you’re a chef?

    Seriously though, you think your cooking skills are better off shown on your profile? That could give off some hints.

    • Instagram Casanova 1 month ago

      There is nothing wrong with food photos if you are in the frame wearing apron and have a big ass knife cutting meat. Or holding a cake you bakes, but not just your everyday lunch.

  3. Drix 1 month ago

    I used to ignore Instagram. I said It is an app for girls, until i met Vinny and He showed me the most efficient way in online to meet cute girls. This article is golden and i will try to improve in some areas that are detailed here.

  4. Sammy 7 days ago

    Number 5 really resonated with me and hit home.. You can have the most amazing time in the world, but if it is not documented and marketed properly – no one will ever know. Insightful post.


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