Ways to make sure your messages get seen and not end up in message request folder.

In order for your message to appear in girl’s inbox after you send it she has to either be following you or have accepted to receive your messages.

If you have not met her in real life here is how to penetrate that message request folder wall…

Be seen.

I have already discussed that briefly when I spoke about Importance of Instagram thumbnail picture and a name here. But to sum it up when you follow a girl on Instagram what she sees in her activity log is one line with your thumbnail picture, your name and your activity. Thus simply by following that up with liking 2-3 of her pictures your account will fill up a whole page of her activity log and will more likely be noticed. If your thumbnail picture or name create an emotional response, as discussed in the post the chances are high the girl will check out your page and follow you back.

From then on Instagram is as good as any other messaging app, with message notifications, abilities to send photos and so on. Only we know Instagram is better.

What if you have done all of this, but still see no response? Is that particular girl extremely valuable to you and you can’t wait? Try again few days later. Like few more photos and hope that this time you will be noticed. If still no luck try to comment.

Since when you post a comment a girl will be notified smart and interesting comment can be a conversation starter and a possible tipping point.

This seems like a lot of work, but if you use our InstaExplode Automation service to do the following and liking for you it simplifies the process. As always in dating it is never advisable to chase that one girl, so in most cases few likes and a follow will be enough, if not move along, there is plenty of fish in the sea. So why not do things smartly and only message girls who are already following you. Use our automation to get girls to follow you and message those who do.

Geography and demographics of Instagram Game.

When using Instagram to get girls online your results depend hugely on few factors. How well the girls you are talking to are with using the Instagram app and how often they use it.

For example in Ukraine, it seems that every girl has Instagram. They also prefer it to any other social network and use it a lot. That results in them spending hours on Instagram and knowing Instagram app inside out. They also know how to check their Instagram message Request folder and nearly every DM I sent out in Ukraine was read. In places like Colombia the amount of replies I get is lower as well as every girl seems to be using Instagram in private. Not really a problem. You have to wait for her to accept the request to follow her, but on the other hand it also gets girl’s attention better than just a notification of another follower.

But no matter where you are if your Instagram is looking awesome you will get the love and attention you deserve.

Where are you trying to slide into girl’s DMS and does it provide the notable result? Let us know in the comment section below!

Good news.

As the use of Instagram is spreading and girls excel it the apps use, more and more of your messages will be seen. All you need to do is make sure you are better than your competition and have more followers and better content.

Is your account as good looking as you deserve it to be? Get the free Masculine Photo Guide.

The eventual goal it to be messaged and not to struggle with message request folder yourself. With me currently over 30k followers I get girls message me daily.

Some provided by the InstaExplode bot some attracted organically by my photos ranking high in search suggestions.


In real life.

What if you have met the girl and want to take her Instagram instead of her number? It is simple tell her to follow you back or send her a message and make sure she accepts the message request. Make sure you do it cause otherwise without her willing you might lose access to her.

I will talk more about Instagram Daygame in the future post.

Let me demonstrate awesome power of our Instagram growth service by making your album a bit more attractive right now. Get the free one photo like boost by signing up to the form below.

Note like boost can only be done for open accounts, so if you have your account in private make it public for couple days.

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  1. Pancake Mouse 4 months ago

    Say you follow a girl with a private profile and she accepts your follow request, but does not follow you back. Does your DM still go into her message request folder?

    • Instagram Casanova 3 months ago

      Yes it does. But it is not the end of it. A lot of girls check their message request folder and if your account is good the chance of a reply is high.


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