How to date Russian women.

I have traveled and dated women in nearly every Former Soviet union country in Europe. If my only concern was girls I would probably live and die in a city like Kiev or Saint-Petersburg. But I hate winters so I have also gamed girls on four different continents.

There are a lot of similarities, so let us talk about what is different and what will or will not work for you in Russian speaking countries, especially if you learn your pick-up American Style.

This info will be relevant in majority of Former Soviet Union countries.

What is different:

  • Forget about negging.

You will not need it. If you do this girls will see it as an insult.

  • Be careful with the player vibe.

While a bit of jealousy will make wonders for you in places like Colombia, be careful with it here. Instagram will do great things for your game if you have a lot of followers and good value displaying photos. I normally advice on having one photo in thirty or so of you with a hot babe but not in these parts. If the girls smells a player you are done.

  • Focus on daygame.

It is normal and acceptable to talk to girls on streets in Former Soviet Union countries. You can see episodes of this in movies, many girls parents have met in this manner, so do it. All the girls walk the streets while only part and not the best part registers on tinder and goes out drinking.

  • Be like Putin.

The RSD stuff will not work in these countries. You can not
be a loud nasal voiced clown and get the girl. A man should be humorous yet grounded, playful but firm. Think Putin he is a pretty good example of a male prototype a Russian girl dreams about. Be a leader, lead the interaction, make decisions and plans

  • Approach direct

Russian women like the strong willed men. Don’t beat around the bush, approach directly and show your intentions.

  • Make a call instead of texting.

People will take you more seriously if you call instead of texting. Serious men don’t have time for texts. Voice messages can be a good alternative if you are not into calling.

  • Plan many short dates.

Your aim is three dates. Girls from the Eastern Europe generally are more reserved. At times they will stand their ground and only thing you can do is wait. Three dates is a socially acceptable time period before you get the big prize. So adopt many short dates tactics.

  • Learn the language.

It is obvious that speaking the languages will get you far. What you have to know is that Russian speaking countries are some of the worst in terms of English. Invest some of your time to learn Russian. It will open the door to the most beautiful women in the whole world as well as give you new career and business opportunities, improve your memory and offset Alzheimer’s decease.

  • Beta is your new alpha.

Some of the traits that are seen as Beta in western world might be Alpha in Russia or Ukraine. Persistence is not seen as weakness here. On the contrary if you are not persistent you are seen as weak.

As well as some gentleman behavior will make wonders in Russian speaking countries. Open a door for a girl, help her put on her jacket, give her a flower or a few and enjoy the genuine smile.

Speaking of flowers be careful. Even number of flowers is only for the funeral.

  • A man has to pay.

There are only three reasons a Russian girl offers to pay for herself. She is very rich, she has been exposed to the feminist agenda, you are doing something wrong. Unless you have hit the jack-pot and are dating Abramovich’s daughter you are out of luck.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but generally it is better if you pick up the tab.


Despite all the differences and complications you should still go to Former Soviet Union countries. Expect to see super feminine and breathtakingly beautiful women, who know how to treat their men.


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  1. Rob 11 months ago

    Good game plan Vinny. I plan on visiting Ukraine this year and will be sure to review these points before my travel.


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