Passion for profession or how after solving my problem with women, I started using my experience to help others.

Sharing knowledge has always been a part of my nature. It expressed itself in writing datasheets on RVF and trying to coach my wings if I have seen that the help was needed. After few people suggested that I do it more seriously I have launched my daygame coaching project on RVF.

I will share here the reviews of people who tried my coaching, providing original links.

Just a shout out and thanks to IG Casanova, I met up with IG Casanova in Bogota. I’m a former dot-com CEO and realized pretty quickly that he was very technical on Instagram so I asked him to consult for me for a few days. I was pretty blown away, he helped me take my Instagram to the next level. Then we did day game , maybe 25 approaches, specifically focusing on Instagram closes and the reverse psychology of closing with Instagram and letting the girls chase you, using Instagram followers and posts as a DHV. It was easy, low anxiety, and a lot less complicated than the approaches I was accustomed to doing in the past.I thought i was pretty on top of things, having lived in multiple countries and knowing indirect/direct day and online game strategies but IG Casanova opened up my eyes to how young girls in 2017 think and act, and how to capitalize on their immature ADD mentality. If any of you are struggling with taking this type of game to the next level, either on Instagram, or are a bit newer to day game approaches i’d highly recommend contacting him. Fvitterby – 1 on 1 IRL bootcamp, Instagram automation set-up


I got a WhatsApp daygame coaching session from IG Casanova during the week. I was in Barcelona for a few days, IG Casanova gave me some solid info and talked me through some steps. Before I knew it I was heading to Las Rambla with IG Casanova in my ear, I spotted a hot chick walking the opposite direction. With some motivation and a Spanish opener from IG Casanova I turned around and caught up with her. Absolutely butchered the opener, but luckily she was French and was receptive. We chatted for a few minutes, and then Instagram closed. It really was that easy! IG Casanova gave me feedback on the approach, some pointers on what I did well and what I could approve. Thanks for the session IG Casanova, much appreciated! JC7000KK – WhatsApp coaching


So ! Had the chance to meet with IG Casanova yesterday and I definitely enjoyed the 2 hours we passed together. It was very interesting and I believe this can potentially change a bit of my life… I needed to have a leading, to have a ”click” in my brain to start having no fear at all about daygaming … and there start the IG Casanova Show: he run after her, go in front of her with a sufficient distance, good energy and good smile … Exchange Instagram, make a picture, and tells the girl she can’t let me alone so goes away. This is like 3 minutes timing. If the girl is single, I am sure this is piece of cake to have her in IG Casanova bed in the days to come… IG Casanova Instagram gives him SO MUCH VALUE to any unknown girls, I think this is a VERY good way to do things. Killarmy – 1 on 1 IRL bootcamp


Just had my first coaching session with IG Casanova. Really cool of him to teach to a newbie like me. Would recommend. Gave me some ideas and strategies, that I wouldn’t have come up with myself and made it seem really simple! La Babosa – WhatsApp coaching


I am still super happy after my first daygame session. I signed up to The whatsapp coaching by IG Casanova. Honestly, i was so nervous, but IG Casanova gave me great advices for 30 minutes. He encouraged to improve my inner game and try a direct approach with any cute girl i see. I said to Myself: Do it now as a man.i was in a popular park of Peru, I saw a blonde 6 with big booty. I went with the line: You look cute and i want to talk with you. She smiled and said thanks, 5 minutes passed and she showed her marriage ring. Game over jaja, anyways, i felt an amazing energy and i wasn’t afraid to approach another girl.10 minutes later, a petite blondie girl was eating in the park, went to her and Mentioned in english “I Was seeing you and i think you are very cute”, she smiled and answered that She is a latina and only speak spanish. We laugh and i told her that i thought she was a Gringa. Interaction went well, had an instant food date. I couldn’t close, but i got a small kiss. Right now, she must be taking her flight. My final appreciation is that You should try the Coaching by Master IG Casanova, he is a down to the earth man, friendly who gives his best to help you. Now, I want to approach and approach more, i am so sure that in some time, i will obtain good results. Drix – WhatsApp coaching


Hung out with IG Casanova last Sunday and first got the complete run down on his daygame philosophy and methodology … I got to see IG Casanova in action first hand. I was wondering why he was running off on me all of a sudden, but when I saw him catch up to this cute dark chica, it made sense. Saw him open, command the situation with his words and body language, make the girl comfortable and laugh, quickly IG closer her, and then be on to the next one. This isn’t something that’s never been done on this earth before, but the cool part is that IG Casanova lives it and manifests it. He really makes it happen and shows you that it’s that easy and obtainable yourself. Sometimes you just gotta see something so you can think “What the fuck, it’s really that easy?” As we were wandering around, IG Casanova pointed out some good cute girls who were hanging out by themselves who were prime targets and I tried a few of his approach suggestions. It was a little weird for me at first doing this in Spanish, which I’m just finally getting decent at, but it gets easier every time you do it which is encouraging. I let the first one get a little awkward as I wasn’t sure how to keep the flow of the convo going good in the situation, and after I walked away IG Casanova actually went back over to her because he thought it looked like it was going good and he salvaged the situation for me. I ended up going back over to her, getting her number and eventually hitting her up later on WhatsApp. Her response of “Hola hermoso” made it pretty clear I didn’t blow it. Ended up being one of my more memorable afternoons in Medellin, giving me a more positive outlook on approaching random girls in the day without feeling nervous or that there’s anything wrong with being direct with them. Seeing the man in action and getting tips from him was an afternoon well spent. I have no doubt I’ll be bringing some paisas over sometime soon thanks to IG Casanova motivating me. Natas305 – 1 on 1 IRL bootcamp


I had a two hour daygame coaching session with IG Casanova here in Bogota. Had a good time and received great feedback how to improve my daygame. Also got some new leads. Buakaw – 1 on 1 IRL bootcamp


I took IG Casanova up on his bootcamp offer and had a great time. He has a positive attitude and none of the weirdness that you associate with PUAs, and I look forward to doing it again in the future and honing my craft. BallsDeep – 1 on 1 IRL bootcamp


I spoke with IG Casanova earlier about his day game concepts and approach. He asked me questions and gave me some some great ideas I hadn’t thought of before. I can see these new ideas could help my daygame. I’m looking forward to trying a few of these out soon. He saw a cute girl while we were chatting on the phone and I listened to one of his approaches over Whatsapp voice. I only know a little Spanish but could tell he closed the girl and the vibe sounded good. Of course he Instagram closed her! Looking forward to future talks. Robreke – WhatsApp coaching


I was one of the guys who IG Casanova coached in Saigon. While Saigon was more difficult because of the language barrier, IG Casanova was great and had great success. I learned a lot and had a ton of fun at the same time. Onto – 1 on 1 IRL bootcamp


I met IG Casanova in Bucharest in August 2016. I hadn’t truly day gamed prior to meeting him and hadn’t considered how effective it can be … After an approach I thought went badly, we started walking again and he pointed out “she liked you. she was playing with her hair”, after the next set he told me “try to cold read them, they eat that up”, all his feedback helped me immensely…After spending 2 days and dozens of approaches with him, I was ready to take on the rest of EE… I got my Ukrainian flag on the 3rd day from a woman I cold approached on the street with the line “I need a beautiful place to take a photo of, can you help me?” which was followed by me cold reading her with “those are thick papers in your bag, are you a lawyer or an accountant?”, she was a lawyer … Since gaming with IG Casanova in Bucharest I’ve been banging girls from day game who I wouldn’t have ever approached or been able to talk to otherwise. Rider – 1 on 1 IRL bootcamp


Met up with IG Casanova yesterday in Medellin and man, what a day it turned out to be. Went out for a quick workout that morning, breaking it down to the basics for daygame approach. After taking it all in, I never realized it was that simple, until you do it. One thing I always love to hear, is the story of someone starting from scratch, then learning from trial and error. IG Casanova told me about his story and made his daygame style from progress. We scout around the city, looking for leads and IOIs. Made our approaches by Carrera 70 and the Metro, while IG Casanova guides me on what I have to work on after the IG close. First time having someone coach me through this and it helps a ton. Sometimes you need an extra pair of eyes (from years of experience) learning the basics of daygaming. Then maybe some humor and fun in a place where we thought had a viewpoint of the city lol. Yet another reason why there’s more to appreciate in the city of Medellin, over at Arvi Park. Thanks IG Casanova! Hoping to chill later on this week man.    Franks – 1 on 1 IRL bootcamp

IG Casanova gave me some very valuable advice about novice daygaming and IG. I can definitely recommend his whatsapp coaching sessions. Keep it up buddy. Daswasser – Whatsapp coaching

After many successful coaching sessions and careful analysis of questions I got asked I have created a Daygamer’s handbook which you can for free right now by subscribing to my newsletter.


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