World travel log part 4. Feria de Cali.

After 10 days in Bogota I finally made it to the warmer part of Colombia – Cali. The day I arrived I straight away dove in the real Colombia party experience. Salsa music on every corner, everybody dancing.

Girls in Cali look more Colombian. Darker feature, bigger asses. Apart of being a Capital of Salsa, Cali is also worlds fake ass capital.

Never have I seen so many fake asses and tits. But I am not complaining.


Girls party during the night and sleep during the day. Making daygame impossible. At night every girl is in a large unapproachable group and the last thing you want it to approach someones girlfriend in the world’s 10th most dangerous city. Every lead is hard work. After the Feria is over people run out of money and streets are quiet. The fact that it is a time off school does not help either as girls leave for their hometowns.

But lets not be negative.

After fighting hard to get success in nightgame and daygame and barely getting any traction I decided to use Instagram game.

You will probably look at this chat and think that there is nothing special in it. That is because what you see is only the top of the iceberg. The simple chat is not what makes the game. Your photos and your follower count does.

If you have twenty thousand followers and a dope value displaying album you can just say “Hi” and get girls WhatsApp and possibly something more later.

Apart from difficult dating scene Cali is a great place. The weather is perfect and prices are low. I kept myself satisfied by getting some online leads and receiving visitors from Bogota.

My “Ballenato girl” spent 10 hours in a bus to get to me. Why Ballenato? Well Ballenato is a Colombian music style and a dance. This girl would cook breakfast in the morning while listening to those on her phone. She would sing and move her hips in a very sexy manner.

Colombian people seem to be obsessed with music, somehow they know all the lyrics to every song. They wake up with music and go to bed with music, which is a cool part of the culture, unless you have thin walls.

My “ballenato girl” had some distant relatives in Cali, so we ended up celebrating a new Year together with them. This was one of the most memorable New Years eves in my life. Fully immersed in a new culture, listening to Ballenatos, drinking aguardiente and eating Mango’s fresh from the trees in a ranch outside of town.

It is funny how dating girls gives you access to places that you would otherwise never would. This is one of those examples. I felt like a part of Colombian family for one night.

Apart from girls:

Cali seems to be designed for a healthy lifestyle. Great weather and numerous outdoor places to visit.

  • Climb the three crosses hill. Takes two hours and a bit of agility but, the view is worth it.
  • Go swim in a clean mountain river “rio Pance”.
  • Visit one of the biggest crist statues in the world – “Cristo del Rey”.
  • Take a bus trip to Coffee Region to collect coffee and enjoy spectacular views.
  • Take salsa lessons, it is a capital of salsa after all.


Calenas (girls from Cali) and Colombianas know how to enjoy sex. They are moaning loudly calling you “Papi” and letting you know you are doing things right. Compare this to European girls who are more reserved and less noisy or Asians who sound as if you are hurting them (Squeaky toy under the mattress kind of noise).

Local people proudly say “Cali es Cali, lo de mas es loma” (Cali is Cali, everything else is just a hill) and while I agree with that I would not go to this city twice.

Conclusion: If you are looking for quality, don’t go to Cali, it will be hard. Calenas almost never go out without guys, probably because they need someone to pay for everything. Come over for a week to get your flag and enjoy a non girl related activities.


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