World travel log part 3. Colombia – land of the big butts, first stop Bogota.

My hardships did not end with me me losing my passport in New York. I arrived to to Bogota, but my luggage did not, I need to remember to avoid JFK in the future as this time they lost my bag.

So here I am on a new continent without any of my stuff. As always I decided not to despair, settled in my apartment in Candelaria district of Bogota and went out to buy a sim card. I was lucky, the weather my first days in Bogota was amazing.

Sun shining, blue sky and mountains all around, after snowy Eastern Europe and North America I was euphoric.

                            My first impression of Colombia

While waiting for my sim to be activated I spot an IOI (Indication of interest), two girls sitting down in a cafe twenty meters away. My first approach in South America goes like this: “No puedo hablar Espanol, pero pienso que eres muy linda” (“I can not speak Spanish, but I think you are cute”). Girl and her friend laugh. I continue for few minutes with my rusty Spanish (no speaking experience) and get her to follow me on Instagram. After a short interaction I walk off to a nearby shop to buy jeans, on my way back the girl waves me in. Instagram did its work, she is now interested it all turns in an instant date with some sight seeing and a bit of escalation on my behalf.

Few days later my first Colombia daygame approach became my first South American bang. A very cute Paisa, protocol model, with fake tits and a immaculately white smile. Solid HB9 not a bad start. Lets call her “Ballenato girl” for a future references.

Bogota love tourist guide.

Looking back at it after three months in Colombia I have to say that Bogota is the least Colombian city of all. It colder, darker and busier than others. But don’t get me wrong I still like it. Women make up for everything.

Bogota girls: also known as Bogotanas or Rolas. They are friendlier and easier than in any other city in Colombia. Small, dark, with round buts and on average big tits. They are very warm and loving. You can be yourself with Colombian girls. They take compliments well and give you plenty in response. They like attention. Very touchy-feely nation which I personally like a lot.  No shit testing. Negs will get them offended. Bogotanas are the more educated and better English speaking Colombianas.

Getting from one part of the city to another is painfully slow. Taxies and ubers are cheap but if you are planning a long trip use transmilenio as those busses avoid traffic.

I used tinder for my first few days before I switched to daygaming only mode. If you want a never enging supply of sixes Tinder will deliver. I am all quality over quantity, so I choose IG game and daygame.

Daygaming in Bogota is very well received. Girls will give you plenty of IOIs and don’t hesitate to act on them. I will go into detail about daygame, but my model is thoroughly described in my Daygamer’s Handbook.

After hundreds of daygame approaches in Colombia (mostly just as an example to show my student exactly how it is done) I can tell you one thing.

The worst thing can happen is that nothing will happen. You don’t approach, or the girl will ignore you, which is less than 5% of time. So the worst pain you will get is if you let a hot girl pass by and feel weak.

Where to daygame: during the day and till 7PM around universities in Candelaria after that girls get a bit scared and it is better to move to the malls in Zona T. But once you are proficient with your approach skills, daygame is everywhere you go. On the way to the gym, in the supermarket and in the restaurant.

Apart from girls.

Do go to Monserrate. Great view, cheap 2-3 hour visit, easily combined with dates. You can even daygame there. I did my highest altitude ever approach on that mountain, 3200 meters above sea level. Read about the outcome of this here.

Do try Colombian food and visit Museo the Oro (museum of Gold) as well easily combined with dates.

I know a lot of guys don’t like dates, but I honestly believe there is nothing better than combining it with sightseeing. You get a free local guide. You enjoy it more.

There is no faster shortcut to a culture then though a local girls vagina. I know it sounds ridiculous, but yet it is true. You get to learn things in and out. There are also no better language teachers than the girls who genuinely like you.

Colombian people are friendly: I was invited by my airBNB host to spend a Christmas with his family. Of course I jumped at this opportunity. The loud friendly South American family environment was truly mesmerizing for me to behold. It is as if I was suddenly playing a role in a Colombian soap opera. The cute cousins did show me a lot of interest, but I decided to behave.

My ten days in Colombia passed as if it was less than a week. On my way to the airport I received a log awaited call “Your bag has been found”.

In any trouble you might face with your travels, the worst part is the unknown. With the lost passport or the lost bag the question is the same, will it be found. Should I wait or should I act. This time I decided to wait and it was a right decision. I was packing my bag anticipating a year of travel, so you can imagine the value it held to me.

You compress all your life in 20 kilos and then someone takes it away.

Yet everything in life happens for a reason and I have learned a lesson.

I spent ten days without any of my normal stuff. Bar of soap replaced the whole bag of products that I had, one t-shirt and one pair of jeans replaced the whole wardrobe. And guess what I was doing as good as always. Banging hot chicks and enjoying my life.

We attribute too much value to things. “The things you own end up owning you.” Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk.

I was happy to get my stuff back, but in the future I will be working slowly to reduce my material possessions.



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